International Development Minister confirmed the death of two more Canadians in Ecuador earthquake


By Arash Yaghma

Marie-Claude Bibeau, said today that currently four Canadians’ death can be confirmed. Jennifer Mawn and her 12-year-old son Arthur Laflamme from Montreal are the first ones among the dead whose identities were confirmed yesterday.


Ecuador quake
Search and Rescue crew from International Red Cross in streets of the city of Manta


Ecuador officials say the death toll of the earthquake that shook the capital city of Ecuador on Saturday night is still on the rise. They say they have found and identified more than 480 killed and over 2,600 injured  in the disaster but the search is still ongoing.

In a news conference Tuesday morning, International Development minister also announced that Canada is going to give $1 million for fundamental needs to humanitarian organizations working in the region. Bibeau said Ottawa is sending a disaster assessment team to determine how Canada can help in the disaster relief efforts.

United States Geological Survey says the 7.8 magnitude earthquake is a result of a shallow thrust creating a fault- or a crack – on or near the boundaries between Nazca and South America tectonic plates. According to USGS, Ecuador has a history of earthquake of this magnitude. The Organization also says in their website that they are expecting another learthquake in a lower magnitude to happen in the area.




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