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My name is Arash Yaghma and I am a multi-media journalist with the ability to shoot, editwrite and produce content for any platform.

Here a link to sample of my works for TV and Radio

I speak English, Persian, and Turkish, all fluently. I’ve seen some of the world’s worst conflict zones, and I’m a natural investigator.

It probably doesn’t hurt that my father is also a journalist, who brought me up inside the news — and always on deadline.

I’m also in the Journalism Program at Seneca College and scheduled to graduate this summer of 2016. My focus is on news, including local and foreign politics, but I am keen to report on anything.



  • Originate, research, shoot, write and edit ENG’s, news videos and vlogs
  • Operate Panasonic HPX170/HPX 160 camera
  • Avid Editing
  • Burli news editing software (radio and TV)
  • Create research packs
  • Setup and conduct interviews
  • Create websites
  • Line up and produce weekly newscast (radio and TV)
  • Report live
  • Create and produce radio and TV documentaries



I also have a very creative side. I paint, play music (guitar and drums), and write fiction.

High IQ:

Score of 140 in International Standard IQ Test, with dynamic problem solving abilities.


I strongly believe that hopelessness and negativity are malfunctions of the brain. There is a solution for almost every problem in the world, and where there’s a solution, there’s hope. Hopelessness occurs when the brain cannot find a solution in a short period and that’s where a positive approach comes in, providing individuals with more time to find the solution.


This usually comes with experience and in general, it means to understand that some problems solve themselves if given enough time.

One of the things that always ‘recharges my batteries’ is discovering other sides and hidden layers in people and events that we usually consider obvious.

The word “interest” encompasses a huge variety of things for me from astrophysics and quantum mechanics to math, philosophy, psychology, and art (almost all branches).

I have a saying about the relationship between this wide range of interests and my career. “If you have an  interest in many things and know a little bit about almost everything, you can become a researcher, a fiction-writer and – if you possess an uncontrollable curiosity – an investigative journalist !

I started to work at the age of 16 and since then I’ve been in many jobs ranging from computer assembly and repair (hardware – software), to waiting tables in restaurants, and IT management.

My work as a journalist started at the age of 12. It was mostly a summer job at that time; I listened to foreign Persian-speaking radio stations, wrote the Iran-related stories down and gave them to the editor of the national newspaper that my father worked on. I’ve never stopped!