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Sikhism and modern society of Canada

The demands of the modernized life style in Canada and some other western countries, often create barriers for followers of most religions. This report takes a look at Sikhism in Canada and the problems that its younger followers struggle with.


Seasonal Depression

Every winter brings about a sudden increase in depression among people. Shortening of the day light periods, increase in the number of cloudy days that results in less exposure to the sun light, and lower temperatures that create barriers for outdoor activities are among the reasons for that increase.     Countries with longer cold seasons, like Canada, Northern Russia, Northern European countries and the countries of Scandinavia. This reports takes a look at the most common type of mental disorders that occurs in that situation which is called Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or simply Seasonal Depression

Horseback riding in The Royal Horse Show in Toronto

The Royal Horse Show is a n annual event that takes place as a part of Toronto’s annual Agricultural Exhibition. In this report I interviewed a competitor about the importance of the show for horse owners and people of Toronto.


NEWS CAST (Entertainment)

Anchoring an entertainment newscast July 2016